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About Barefoot

"Design is our commodity. We produce it in fabric."
"Color is our passion and we are proud of our brave development of it in cotton handloom - creating, rather than following, markets."

Barbara Sansoni - renowned artist, writer, and designer - founder of Barefoot Ceylon.

Sansoni's Artistic Inspiration

The landscape, horizons, seasons, light, and colors of Sri Lanka saturated Barbara's artistic sensibility, influencing the tones and themes of her early paintings and drawings. A moment of revelation occurred while snorkeling over coral full of tropical fish and a cloud suddenly passed over. The shatteringly brilliant colors turned into tones of grey and she realized that without light there is no color. Thus, when she moved into weaving, she made it a rule that "when weft crosses warp, it must be without ever creating grey, beige, or any tone of ash from the original pure hues." To better understand the chemical formulas, she trained in dying in Switzerland with master dyer Jeremy Marjan, using yarns dyed to her specification.

Barefoot's Social Responsibility

Barefoot has five weaving centers in Sri Lanka, run by the weavers themselves. They use designs by Sansoni and others in the small design team. The collection of toys, bags, and sarongs for adults, children, and infants are designed exclusively by Barbara with the major goals being to promote an ethical work environment, to train workers to have marketable skills, and to provide proper wages for young women in Sri Lanka. Each product is handmade from start to finish and no two pieces are ever the same.

Sansoni's vision is keeping alive the dying art of hand weaving and also enabling its workers to work with dignity. Barefoot applies the simple concept that work should be a joy for everyone involved. In countries where labor is often viewed as a disposable commodity and people are merely parts of a factory production cycle, Sansoni has made an important difference.

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